Release 3

16th May, 2022

Deployment 1 - 18th April 2022

  • Weekly summary email
    • VASPs now receive a weekly summary notification email informing them of pending transactions that they need to attend to
  • txValidate extension
    • txValidate now shows warnings when fields that are required by the beneficiary jurisdiction are missing
    • The transaction details modal now shows which fields are missing as a beneficiary
    • The create transfer form now shows a warning when a transfer might be declined by the beneficiary due to missing fields
  • Auth system replacement
    • Customers can now use a Client ID/Client Secret to authenticate against the API using OAuth2.0 Client

Deployment 2 - 16th May 2022

  • Address query on Customer VASP
    • Allows customers to implement a webhook that returns whether they own a blockchain address or not
  • Compliance metrics on the dashboard
    • Metrics about transactions/travel rule compliance and counterparties on the dashboard
  • Automated travel rule data request (incoming)
    • Requesting a travel rule transfer via email from VASPs that send transactions to one of our customers
  • TRM Free Sanctions
    • Integrating with a new offering from TRM Labs that performs sanction screening

Bug Fixes

  • Improve error handling for Refinitiv integrations
  • Fix an issue where VASPs would remain selectable after changing from VASP to Sanction Screening in rules
  • Fix an issue where 3rd party integrations were selectable in rules even though the integration wasn’t setup
  • Fix an issue where transactions in WAITING_FOR_INFO status weren’t updated after being claimed
  • Fix an issue where VASPs would not be found when signing out
  • Fix an issue with the back button not taking the user back to the right place after viewing a subsidiary
  • Fix an error that shows when entering dashes into the beneficiary name
  • Fix a UI bug on the multi-vasp sign-in page with lots of jurisdictions