Release 2

March 28th, 2022


  • VASP directory - verification system improvements
  • Improving jurisdiction requirements
    • Changed transaction validation to be based on originator jurisdiction.
    • Transaction details modal now shows which fields are missing according to the jurisdiction of the VASP viewing the transaction.
  • Manage multiple VASPs
    • A new drop down menu allows users to switch the VASP they’re currently managing.
    • A new post-login landing page shows users which VASPs they can claim, join or log in to.
  • txUpdate extension
    • Allows VASPs that have created transactions using opportunistic compliance to update those transactions with missing beneficiary data.
  • Language localization
    • Users of the compliance dashboard can switch the language between English, Korean and Chinese.

Bug Fixes:

  • txCreate performance improvements
    • Improved the average time of txCreate.