Release 1

March 1st, 2022


  • Multi-entity support
  • Due Dillgence Questionnaire
  • VASPnet Integration
  • Add “Responds to Travel Rule data transfers” section in the directory
  • Create partial Travel Rule data transfers

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed the order of rules set in the Rule Engine.
  • In 'Advanced Rule,' if two rules are added for the same jurisdiction, then the second rule will also apply to the transaction.
  • When a blockchain address is confirmed, subsequent transactions from the same address are automatically confirmed.
  • Separated 'Advanced rules' from standard rules.
  • Fixed "Error: error code 500: unhandled status: 401" error when verifying TRM blockchain addresses.
  • Error when requesting DDQ from VASP that has not filled it in yet.
  • Field validation in the tx form when legal person selected does not work.