Release 10

January 12th 2023

Post-Deposit Widget

With this feature, customers can request and collect missing information about the originator

Enable rules about subsidiary VASPs

Subsidiary VASPs will be available for selection in the rules engine.

Allow different rules for Incoming and Outgoing (Part I)

In the dashboard, compliance officers should be able to see the consolidated list of rules that are set for incoming and outgoing Travel Rule transfers, to fully understand and manage the logic that is being applied to both flows. Customers can apply the same rules to both incoming and outgoing travel rule transfers, but this needs to be explicitly specified by the customer

Bug fixes

  1. Add support for “Network” in TxValidate so that it can be used when querying
  2. Chainalysis + notabene_assetName is not working for multichain coins
  3. Marketplace integrations errors on Demo environment