Release 11

March 15th 2023

Crystal Integration

Compliance officers can now setup an integration with Crystal and create rules that use Crystal AML risk scores.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 130811.png

When I collect data from the end-customer about a specific deposit, I have two conflicting sources of information for the same transaction - my customer and the Originator VASP when existent. I want to make sure I handle any potential data conflicts appropriately.

Allow customers to pick a VASP that is not on the dropdown (Withdrawal widget)

If VASP doesn’t exist, we allow customer to add new, but it should pass through check and Verification.

Allow different rules for Incoming and Outgoing (Part I)

In the dashboard, compliance officers should be able to see the consolidated list of rules that are set for incoming and outgoing Travel Rule transfers, to fully understand and manage the logic that is being applied to both flows. Customers can apply the same rules to both incoming and outgoing travel rule transfers, but this needs to be explicitly specified by the customer

Self-service for generating API credentials

On the modal, it should list the credentials name so the user can see which credentials are already available. It should not show the actual credentials, for security reasons. The user can see the actual API key only when created.

New rules for transaction amount

Compliance officers can now setup a rule to send transactions to manual review when a transaction is greater than a set amount.

Improve and fix Blockchain Analytics Integrations

Improve how the tool is integrated so that customers can use it seamlessly in app.