Release 4

27th June, 2022

Customer Features

  • MerkleScience Integration (Blockchain Analytics)
  • Onboarding Milestones: new onboarding/integration milestones provide customers with more visibility into where they stand with their adoption of the travel rule.
  • Status filter criteria: customers can now filter for transactions by the current travel rule status on the dashboard


  • Included transaction amount in local currency the in transaction response
  • Improved integration with new TRM Labs wallet screening APIs
  • Better handling of assets not supported by CoinGecko
  • Added a missing logout button to some pages
  • Improved handling of auth logic when logged out

Bug Fixes

  • Unexpected errors when trying to approve and send a transaction from the dashboard
  • Rare issue where users could be stuck authenticated after being removed from a VASP
  • Fixed issue where refreshing the login page with errors
  • Logging out now correctly takes the user back to the multi-vasp sign-in page when they log in again
  • Resolves some minor issues when switching between sub-accounts
  • Users are now correctly redirected to create a new VASP if they have no active VASP
  • Fixes a race condition that sometimes occurs when logging out of the application