Release 5

July 27th, 2022

Customer Features

These are features that customers may start using on the release date.

  • Wallet mobile version
    • Customers are now able to integrate the widget into mobile applications
  • [Merkle Science integration]
    • Customers can now provide their Merkle Science API keys and set up rules based on Merkle Science risk scores
  • [Beneficiary threshold classification]
    • Customers can now provide an optional travelRuleBehavior parameter to txCreate, txValidate, and txValidateFull to classify a transaction as TRAVEL_RULE regardless of thresholds
  • [Rules for manual approval]
    • Customers can now set up rules in the dashboard that cause transactions to be sent to their inbox for manual review
  • [txUpdate for txNotify transactions]
    • Customers can now use txUpdate to provide more information about transactions created using txNotify

Internal Features

  • [More VASPs in the directory]
    • 32 more VASPs from Russia have been added to the directory
  • Improved txValidate speed
    • Improved the speed of txValidate by 50% resulting in a better-performing widget

Bug Fixes

  • Use new TRM endpoint
  • Fixed some permissions issues for Compliance Officers trying to view the txDetails page
  • Don’t make customers confirm blockchain addresses for transactions created by txNotify