Release 6

Aug 29th, 2022

Customer Features

  • [New direction type for transactions]
    • VASPs can now see a new direction type in the dashboard for internal transactions (i.e. where the originatorVASP = beneficiaryVASP)
    • VASPs can also choose a new INTERNAL option in the direction filter
  • [Download all transaction data into CSV file]
    • Customers can now download transaction data in dashboard into CSV file
  • [Onboarding Milestones for VASP profile in directory]
    • Customers can now see Onboarding Integration Milestones in public directory (only if they have onboarded with Notabene)
  • [Swap ‘Recently Added’ with ‘Recently Claimed’ on directory Landing Page]
    • Customers can now see which VASPs have been ‘Recently Claimed’
  • Allow txValidate to work with regular API accessToken
  • Improved txCreate form
    • no more PII cropping (in the API → txCreate)
    • optional PII field warnings
    • background validation (as user types)
    • Ability to create non-custodial outgoing transactions
  • NodeJS SDK improved
    • txValidate, txValidateFull, customerToken endpoints
    • Readme docs

Bug Fixes

  • [Widget validation]
    • The widget should now correctly validate inputs
  • [Destroy function for the widget]
    • Allows customers to destroy the widget and re-render it
  • [Show amountInLocal as a JSON object]
    • Previously it was a JSON encoded string in API responses
  • [txNotified transactions don’t have to be confirmed]
    • Transactions created by txNotify don’t need to have the blockchain address confirmed by the beneficiary
  • [Don’t fallback to sunrise plan]
    • Fixed an issue that was causing reset subscriptions to fill up Stripe
  • [Fix nationalIdentification IVMS101 validation]