Release 7

September 29th 2022

NOT_READY status

We have introduced a new NOT_READY status to Allow VASPs who sign up to Notabene’s Sunrise plan to respond to incoming Travel Rule transfers without having to use dev resources (confirming recipients’ blockchain addresses), and allow VASPs to deal with many pending transactions without having to confirm and accept/reject them one by one.

We have also included this in the rules engine so that users can automatically set incoming transactions to NOT_READY.

More filters

We have developed filters in our search page. Implemented both in the public and in-app private Network. We have also added a ‘View all’ for all sections in the ‘network’ landing page.

You can sort by:

  • Newest to Oldest
  • Oldest to Newest
  • A-Z

You can filter by:

  • Transfer activities

  • Regulatory Status

  • Jurisdictions

  • Badges

Easier onboarding

We have improved and simplified our onboarding flow to improve VASP profile creation and sign-up.

Add additional fields to the widget

This allows you to collect information about the beneficiary that is outside of your jurisdictional requirement.

Disable auto-confirm

A way for not doing auto-confirm if a VASP doesn’t want to.

This feature allows the user to signal they don’t want the system to perform auto-confirm.

Better UI when manually creating transactions

We have improved the UI of TxCreate form, optimised form fields and streamlined all errors and validations to happen under the corresponding fields

Bug fixes

  • Fix North Korea Flag
  • Show "Identified" in the transactions dashboard when the names are known
  • Fix grammatical error on compliance dashboard
  • This 'Jurisdiction Warning Note' should not appear when we have jurisdiction required data on tx
  • New transactions should not be created in the dashboard when calling TxCreate with an invalid 'beneficiaryVASPdid' value.
  • Duplicate VASPs must not be created through ‘Create a new Organization link’
  • SENT status does not have decrypted beneficiary name
  • Move the arrows that indicate internal transaction to the front
  • Don't send TRNow emails to VASPs with admin (not VASPs with subscription)
  • Subsidiary's VASP tree structure should be shown when opening the gateway VASP's profile from the directory page
  • NON CUSTODIAL BENEFICIARY WALLET flow not working while updating via 'Missing Beneficiary' state transaction.