Release 8

November 3th 2022

Display FIAT in dashboard

We are displaying the amount in local currency next to the asset amount (both on transaction preview and transaction details).
The currency is derived from the company’s selected jurisdiction.

Improve DDQ form and flow

We are moving away from PDF and have built an in-app form. We are also including a view share history request section where VASP can see their outgoing (who they request to) and incoming (who is requesting from them) share history.

Customers can also chose to decline access at the start, and revoke access whenever needed.

Bug fixes

  • The word 'excedes' should be changed to 'exceeds' in the Onboarding error message
  • Functionality for CO to switch profiles even if they are member of more than one VASP
  • Bug on TxCreate form
  • TransactionResolved object from tx/list not in line withTransactionResolved type definition
  • Pagination info object in tx/list not in the OpenAPI schema
  • NON CUSTODIAL BENEFICIARY WALLET flow not working while updating via 'Missing Beneficiary' state transaction