Release 9

December 15th 2022

LexisNexis integration

LexisNexis is a sanctions analytics provider. With this integration, customers can check for sanction hits to help them make a decision in whether or not to transact with the counterparty.

Auto confirm tx based on results from blockchain analytics providers

Be able to confirm that a receiving blockchain address of an incoming transaction belongs to my VASP by simply linking by blockchain analytics provider to Notabene. This solution allows us to provide another way to auto-confirm transactions without having to use dev resources.

Dynamic Beneficiary’s fields in the widget

This feature will allow customers to add additional data fields on their side based on jurisdiction requirements

Bug fixes

  1. When we upload an SVG file, the company logo's broken image appears
  2. Missing adress_type for CoinFirm
  3. Unhosted wallets do not get sanctioned screened
  4. Don't send TRNow emails to VASPs with admin (not VASPs with subscription)
  5. Signature flow for beneficiary proof on the widget V2 on Mobile
  6. Rename Non - Custodial to Unhosted
  7. Widget to return a valid IVMS data structure
  8. tx_notify update form does not support Legal Person
  9. Validation in tx/update from is complaining that BENEFICIARY BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS is missing but is there
  10. In the tx redirect flow, the "NOT READY" Rule is ineffective.