Account Setup

Before starting on the integration phases, please prepare and configure your test environment by following the steps below.

Create an account

Create your VASP profile in the test environment (if not already done) here by clicking "Login". This will take you to the next screen where you are asked to sign in using Google or your email address. If you use Google, you will be taken directly to the sign-up page and if you use your email, you will first recieve a verification code in your inbox that you need to submit before the sign-up page shows:

Get startedGet started

Get started

Convert to unlimited outgoing transfers

By default, any new free account that is created will be limited to sending travel rule messages worth a total of 10.000 USD. This is usually not enough for extensive testing, so you can follow the step below to remove this limit.

  1. Copy-paste the link below into your address bar (like in the screenshot above), and press ENTER to load:
  2. This will take you to a new page where you scroll to the bottom and press on the button. You will then get re-directed back to your dashboard and you will see that the banner has been removed.



Where are the settings?

All of the settings below can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down icon next to your VASP name in the top right corner.

Add members

Add all members of the integration team as admins so that they can access the transactions created by the API calls during the implementation stages:


Adding members to your VASP

Enable integrations (optional)

Add your API keys for the integrations we support (blockchain analytics, sanctions screening, wallet address confirmation):




Why enable integrations?

Sanctions screening: checks if the beneficiary person is on a sanctions list before sending the travel rule message to the beneficiary VASP.

Blockchain analytics: checks if the destination wallet has any risks associated with it before sending.

Wallet address confirmation: automates the step where you have to confirm that you control the destination address of an incoming travel rule transaction.

Enable rules

Create one or more rules so that incoming and outgoing transactions can be accepted or rejected automatically:


Create rules


Suggested rules

Whitelist one or all of the "Notabene VASPs" as they can be used as the beneficiary VASP during implementation. You can also whitelist your own secondary testing account (see next section).

Blacklist high-risk jurisdictions, high-risk blockchain analytics scores, and potential sanction hits.

If you want to quickly set a list of rules using API, you can use our template here.

Create a secondary testing account

It can be beneficial to create two testing accounts so that you can control both the outgoing and incoming steps of a travel rule transaction. Please watch the video below on how to set this up:

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