General guides

  1. System Interactions: Diagram and description of how your system interacts with Notabene to send travel rule messages.
  2. Sequence Diagrams: Diagrams that show the flow of a travel rule message both outgoing and incoming.
  3. Integration Stages: The four stages of implementing travel rule.
  4. Coins & Decimals: Which virtual assets are supported and their decimal points.
  5. IVMS101: Travel rule technical standard
  6. Postman Collection: Public postman workspace.
  7. API Testing Script: A script to test travel rule end-to-end.
  8. Error Messages: A list of error messages and their explanation.

API guides (Stage 1-4)

  1. S1 - Introduction: How to authenticate to get tokens, wallet identification and collecting the required beneficiary information.
  2. S2 - Introduction: How to send travel rule messages.
  3. S3 - Introduction: Configuring a webhook to receive updates on travel rule messages and linking their statuses to the blockchain transfer.
  4. S4 - Introduction: Automating the response to incoming travel rule messages.

What’s Next

Let's have a look at the four stages of travel rule integration which you will go through:

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