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Send a Travel Rule data transfer


Create a Travel Rule data transfer - manual flow#

Locate an outgoing transaction in your system going to a counterparty VASP with an amount above the Travel Rule threshold.

Steps to create a Travel Rule data transfer:

  • Log in to Notabene
  • Go to the ‘Transactions’ tab.
  • Click ‘Create a new transfer’ to open a transfer form.
  • Fill in the required fields.

To create a Travel Rule Data Transfer, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Transaction amount
  • Transaction asset
  • Beneficiary VASP name
  • Beneficiary’s name and blockchain address
  • Originator’s name and blockchain address
  • Originator’s identification information

The amount of data you’ll be requested to enter depends on your and Beneficiary VASP’s jurisdiction requirements. Notabene will request fields of the jurisdiction with stricter data requirements.

Approve Travel Rule data transfers#

Once created, the Travel Rule data transfer will be visible in your Transactions dashboard.

If you have set some basic or advanced rules in the rule engine, the transfer will be automatically approved or rejected; otherwise, you’ll see it in “Inbox” waiting for your compliance team’s manual review.

To see how to manually accept or reject a transfer, have a look at the video below:

Send a transfer without knowing the recipient protocol#

Once your Travel Rule data transfer is ready to send, our system automatically scans and identifies the messaging protocol in common with the Beneficiary VASP. We integrate the most widely adopted and ready-for-deployment protocols into our platform, so you don’t have to know which protocol your counterparty uses. This means your dev teams don’t need to support multiple protocols, run unnecessary blockchain nodes, or even stay abreast of technical updates.

Send a transfer to a counterparty VASP without a Travel Rule solution in place#

If you’ve created a transfer to a VASP with no Travel Rule solution in place, you’ll see an optional field asking for their email address. Don’t have the Beneficiary VASP’s designated travel rule email address? Leave it to us! Notabene will help you determine the correct contact information for the Beneficiary VASP.

Once your Travel Rule data transfer is created, you’ll see it in ‘Inbox’ under the status ‘Waiting for information’. Within the next 24 hours, the Notabene team will add the missing email address, and the transfer will be automatically sent.

Once the transfer is sent, the Beneficiary VASP receives a notification email with a unique, secure link to the Travel Rule data transfer. After they verify that the receiving blockchain address belongs to them, they can securely access the transfer in their browser. For security reasons, their access to the transfer information expires 72 hours after they open it.

Send a transfer to a counterparty VASP outside of Notabene’s network#

You can still send a Travel Rule data transfer and meet your compliance requirements even when Notabene does not support the protocol your counterparty VASP uses. Notabene enables transfers to any counterparty VASP, whether they have an active protocol or not!