Installing the SDK

Notabene NodeJS SDK for sending and receiving transactions through the Notabene Travel Rule gateway.

You can find the official SDK page here.

Getting Started

Step 1: Install the library

npm install @notabene/nodejs

Step 2: Initialize the client

const { Notabene } = require('@notabene/nodejs');

const client = new Notabene({
    baseURL: '',
    audience: '',
    clientId: 'h45e56h5e6h6e5j65u6eeu6j5jj65je65uj65eu56e',
    clientSecret: 'omQrfd6atQZoq5i-y5ehegrhgery56-TGY9ajDeiZRKfkXW2b1',
    baseURLPII: '',
    audiencePII: '',

The client ID and client secret required to authenticate against Notabene's APIs must be requested.
For sending transactions to Notabene's test environment, use your test Client ID and Client Secret and set the baseURL and audience to