If you wish to start with the travel rule in the quickest way possible, please follow the steps below:

  1. Generate the accessToken every 24 hours;
  2. Generate a customerToken every time a customer enters your withdrawal screen;
  3. Add the widget to your withdrawal screen;
  4. Push notabene.tx data from the widget to your back-end;
    1. Execute the blockchain transaction
  5. Pull information from KYC database on customer performing the withdrawal;
  6. Orchestrate data from widget and the KYC database into IVMS101 format;
  7. Send IVMS101 data and transaction hash using txCreate;


Value transfer before travel rule

Some regulators require you to perform enhanced due diligence on the value transfer if you do not receive a reply from the beneficiary VASP. In this quick guide, we are not waiting for that reply, so please confirm this part with your compliance team.

  1. Test the above flow and move the above to production once ready.

You are now compliant with "sending travel rule", but there are still more steps needed to be fully compliant and automated.

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