Creates a webhook for the passed callback URL that will be notified every time a transaction changes state.

Notification Webhook

Every time a transaction changes state Notabene can notify the OriginatorVASP and BeneficiaryVASP (when applicable) via a Webhook call.

The callback needs to accept the POST http method. The payload is the full Transaction Object (same object returned after /tx/create or /tx/info).
The system expect the callback URL to return an http code 200.

You can register your webhook callback URL by calling the /integrations/config/txnotification


  1. You can register a URL to direct the notification to it by using TxNotification .
    In this example I will register a URL generated from service.

  2. You can verify the webhook callbackUrl by using TxNotificationInfo.

  3. Now you can send, approve, receive transaction and get notified via the webhook.

IP address

If you want to setup some security controls, please note that notifications are sent only from the following IP address in the production environment:

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