Creates a new transaction. The fields required in a transaction differ depending on the jurisdiction of the originating VASP.
Additional data may be provided to the beneficiary VASP depending on their jurisdiction.

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Payload - txCreate

transactionAssetYesstringAsset symbol (BTC,ETH)
transactionAmountYesstringAmount in base unit of the asset (satoshi, wei, etc)
originatorDidstring (common_DID)
beneficiaryDidstring (common_DID)
originatorVASPdidYesstring (common_DID)
beneficiaryVASPdidstring (common_DID)
beneficiaryVASPnamestringBeneficiary VASP Name
transactionBlockchainInfoobject (TransactionBlockchainInfo)Information about the transaction on the blockchain
originatorobject (ivms101_Originator)The originator is defined in Section 1.1 as the account holder who allows the VA transfer from that account or, where there is no account, the natural or legal person that places the order with the originating VASP to perform the VA transfer.
beneficiaryobject (ivms101_Beneficiary)The beneficiary is defined in Section 1.1 as the natural or legal person or legal arrangement who is identified by the originator as the receiver of the requested VA transfer.
encryptedstringEncrypted Personal Identificable Information (obscure schema-less value)
protocolstring (tr_TravelRuleProtocol)Enum: "TRLight" "TRP" "OpenVASP"
notificationEmailstringBeneficiary VASP Notification Email
skipBeneficiaryDataValidationbooleanDisable beneficiary data validation (opportunistic compliance)
travelRuleBehaviorbooleanIf you want check if a transaction requires travel rule information according to the beneficiary VASP's jurisdiction, you can enable it by adding ["travelRuleBehavior":true].
originatorProofobject (OwnershipProof)Ownership Proof data
beneficiaryProofobject (OwnershipProof)Ownership Proof data
piiobject (PII_IVMS)
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