Returns a list of VASPs. VASPs can be searched and sorted and results are paginated.

Each VASP in our directory has a Decentralized Identifier (DID), which is used to identify them within the Notabene ecosystem. These DIDs are used when sending a travel rule transaction so that it arrives at the correct destination.

To find the DID of a VASP to which you want to send a travel rule message, you can use tfSimpleListVASPs to search in our directory.

qstringstring to query
emailDomainstringfilter on email domain
chainalysisNamestringfilter on chainalysis name
fieldsstringcsv of fields to return (all, "blank" or see list of all field names below)
pageintegerpage number
per_pageintegerrecords per page
orderstringfield to order by
allbooleanreturn all records
includeSubsidiaryVASPsbooleaninclude subsidiary vasps in results
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