Using Notabene, Fireblocks and Blockchain Analytics

How do blockchain analytics, Fireblocks, and Notabene work together?

Both Notabene and Fireblocks have built in blockchain analytics integrations.


  • Chainalysis
  • Elliptic


  • Chainalysis
  • Elliptic
  • Bitgo
  • TRM
  • Coinfirm
  • Merkle Science
  • Crystal

Based on your choice of Blockchain Analytics providers you will fall into one of the following scenarios:

1. Fireblocks supports your blockchain analytics provider.

If you are using Elliptic or Chainalysis through Fireblocks then you don't need to add these integrations to Notabene as Fireblocks will handle the screening.

2. Fireblocks does not support your blockchain analytics provider but Notabene does.

If you are using a blockchain analytics provider that is not supported by Fireblocks but is supported by Notabene then you can integrate directly with Notabene. This allows you to screen originating and destination blockchain addresses and use the risk score in your decision to approve/cancel outgoing transactions or accept/decline incoming transactions.

3. Both Fireblocks and Notabene do not support your blockchain analytics provider.

In this scenario you will need to directly integrate with the blockchain analytics provider.

Sanction Screening

Notabene has integrated with the following sanction screening providers.

  • TRM Sanctions
  • Refinitiv
  • ComplyAdvantage
  • LexisNexis

You can use the above providers to screen the beneficiary name of outgoing transactions and the originator name of incoming transactions. With the Notabene rules engine you can use the results of the name screening to approve/cancel outgoing transfers or accept/decline incoming transfers.

What’s Next