Phase 2 - AMPLIFY

Start Engaging in Travel Rule flows with your counterparties without engaging your customers.


Key objectives

Create complete TR transfers

Provide beneficiary data and transaction hash with the TR transfer

Integration diagram

Provide beneficiary data for Travel Rule transfers when calling API txCreate

Make sure to provide beneficiary PII data in the payload of Create transaction

If you did not yet set up the FE integration, you can choose to provide one following payload in the beneficiary part of the TR transfer:

  • Only provide beneficiary data in first-party transactions
  • Create third-party messages with "N/A" as beneficiary
  • Create third-party messages with pre-whitelisted beneficiary

Provide the transaction hash

Depending on when your travel rule message is created and sent, you have two options when it comes to appending the transaction hash to the message:

  1. If the travel rule message is created and sent the moment the blockchain transaction is confirmed, you can add it as part of your tx/create payload;
  2. If you send the travel rule message before the blockchain part, you need to add it after the confirmation using tx/update.

Automate confirmation step

Automate the confirmations step by using one of the confirmation flow described in this section

Confirmation is critical to automate the deposit flow and is about moving a transaction from SENT to ACK status learn more about it on our status page