6. Webhooks

Current functionalities using Webhooks

Currently, Notabene allows VASPs to register Webhooks to offer the following functionalities:

Multi-Message Webhook

Notabene has been working on supporting the registration of a single Multi-Message Webhook URL per VASP, improving the overall development experience:

  • Less overhead on VASP's development teams: VASPs register a unique Webhook URL that will be invoked with different message types. The messages received depend on settings enabled by each VASP.
  • Easier documentation on Webhooks: functionality changes will involve the addition of new message schemas or versions, without registering any additional Webhook URL, making it more future-proof.
  • Better verification support: please have a look at this guide to read the recommendations on how to secure your Webhook in order to make sure that only Notabene (through SVIX) is invoking your Webhook.

Please note that the Multi-Message Webhook is not yet a replacement of the currently supported Webhook implementations.


POST on /webhook with the following payload to register your Multi-Message Webhook:

  •   { // request body
          "vaspDID": "your VASP did goes here",
          "url": "the URL to register as your Multi-Message Webhook"
    The response to this request contains a secret that you can use to make sure that your Webhook is secure, following the security recommendations from SVIX. Please make sure to implement its recommendations and never share that secret.


NOTE: the URL does not support specific port numbers

DELETE on /webhook to unregister a previously registered Multi-Message Webhook.

  • { // request body
        "vaspDID": "your VASP did goes here"

GET on /webhook?vaspDID=<your_vasp_did> to get the registered URL:

  • { // response body
        "url": "the URL that is currently registered as your Multi-Message Webhook"

Webhook IP

Make sure that your Webhook is reachable by Notabene (through SVIX). The requests to your webhook will come from one of the IPs mentioned here under EU.