How to test your Notabene/Fireblocks Integration

Choosing the Right Environment

Fireblocks has three environments, two of which can be connected to Notabene:


Testing should be done in the Fireblocks Testnet/ Notabene Testing environment.

Testing Withdrawals

It's important to remember that the travel rule message flow happens independently of the blockchain. To test your Fireblocks/Notabene integration you should set the destination blockchain address to be another account/wallet you own and set the beneficiary VASP Did to be one of Notabene's RoboVASPs.

Notabene has an array of RoboVASPs you can use to test your integration. These VASPS will automatically reply to your travel rule message with a given response. Set the beneficiaryVASPDid parameter in your API request or SDK parameter to the roboVASP Did of the response/scenario you want to test.


The Notabene RoboVASPS only send and respond to travel rule messages, no actual funds can be transferred to them.

Testing Deposits

As described in the deposits section of the sending and receiving docs, there are three different deposit scenarios you need to test.

The Originator VASP sends a travel rule message and waits for your reply before sending funds.

This is easy to test using Notabene's Send RoboVASP. The roboVASP will send you a travel rule message with a destination address you configure. Fireblocks will then respond for you to this message to confirm ownership of the destination address. You can then auto accept or decline the message with your rules engine, or manually accept or decline in the Notabene UI.

In a real life scenario, at the end of this flow the counterparty VASP would transfer funds, however you can consider the test "complete" if you have successfully accepted or declines the travel rule message.

The Originator VASP sends funds with a travel rule message.

In order to test this scenario, you will need to transfer funds from one account you own to another and then immediately use the Notabene Send RoboVASP to send yourself a travel rule message. Make sure to add the hash of the blockchain transaction to the travel rule message you request the RoboVASP to send you.

The Originator VASP sends funds without a travel rule message.

To test receiving funds without a travel rule message, simply send yourself funds from another account or a testnet faucet. You will then see the travel rule message Fireblocks creates for you in the "Waiting for Data" section of your Notabene Inbox.