Slack Notifications

How to set up slack to notify you when there's a travel rule message requiring manual review.

Notabene Inbox Notifications on Slack - Demo

Here's what the notifications look like on slack:

If you're interested then checkout our integration guide below!

Integration Guide

Integration Tutorial

Integration Steps

  1. Follow Slack's guide to set up an incoming webhook and link it to the slack channel where you want to receive notifications.

  2. Copy the code from the Notabene Slack recipe (linked below) and replace the following fields with your own:

    1. The Slack webhook URL (this is what you create in step 1!)
    2. The bearer token to authenticate your API call.
    3. Your VASP's DID.
  3. Configure the correct Notabene API url:

    1. Make sure to update the api url in the recipe to the correct environment (default in the recipe is the dev environment):

      1. prod:
      2. dev/sandbox:
    2. Choose which sections of your inbox you want to poll the API for:

      1. Inbox ( {{baseURL}}/tx/list?vaspDID={{vaspDID}}&status=SENT,ACK&txDirection=incoming )

      2. Incoming tr messages that are incomplete ( {{baseURL}}/tx/list?vaspDID={{vaspDID}}&status=INCOMPLETE&txDirection=incoming )

      3. Outgoing tr messages that are incomplete ( {{baseURL}}/tx/list?vaspDID={{vaspDID}}&status=INCOMPLETE,WAITING_FOR_INFORMATION&txDirection=outgoing )