Phased rollout plan

Phased compliance rollouts allow you to connect your internal systems before sending real travel rule transactions to gather actionable data, with only minor technical changes needed, and gradually manage when to start sending and responding to transactions based on your very own real-world data:

PhaseIntegration actionsUI actions
1 - Spark1. Initiate integration of tx/create API to create Travel Rule Messages with SkipBeneficiaryDetailsoption• Connect your blockchain analytics provider
• Add your team to the Notabene Platform
• Set incoming rules to "Not ready to respond"
2 - Amplify1. Add a beneficiary object to tx/create
2. Automate confirmation step
3. Provide the transaction hash
• Set rules for outgoing and incoming messages
• Connect sanction screening provider
3 - Foundation1. Collect missing Travel Rule information from your user
2. Initiate the set-up of the Transaction Authorization Webhook
• Update settings to authorize blockchain transactions as soon as the transaction is sent
4 - Elevate1. Process incoming Travel Rule transactions by integrating the txNotify endpoint• Update settings so blockchain transactions are authorized only after approved by your counterparty


You and your compliance team are able to follow the progress by looking at the implementation checklist within the interface: