Counterparty VASP discoverability

Notabene support three different counterparty discoverability flows.

In order of priority:

  1. Network Discoverability;
  2. address book (external);
  3. blockchain analytics integration;

The three discoverability flows can be used:

Network Discoverability

This feature requires a VASP to opt in from the UI. Once opted-in, the addresses that the VASP registered or associated with that VASP will be hashed, and the address's hash will be pushed into a pool of hashes to enable network discovery.

To make the most out of this feature, make sure to populate your address book (internal) with all of your addresses, either with a bulk uploadand registering addresses as you create them.

Address book (external)

The External address book is built by Notabene and segregated for every VASP. A new entry is inserted when a TR transfer is confirmed by a counterparty VASP, and the relation between the beneficiary VASP and the beneficiary address is saved in the originatorVASP external address book.

Blockchain analytics

If you set up the integration with a blockchain analytics provider in our marketplace, this integration will be used to discover the counterparty VASPs.