Integration Overview


IVMS 101 provides a standard data model for use in transmitting required originator and beneficiary information. It is designed for use primarily by VASPs, other obliged entities undertaking virtual asset services, and Travel Rule solution providers.

You can read more about the InterVASP Messaging joint working group here:

If you want to review the complete documentation, you can download the standard here.


Let's get you started by going through the few steps below before diving deeper into the integration:

Step 1 - Get familiar with the travel rule and what the requirements are in your jurisdiction:

  1. Check out our Crypto Travel Rule 101 guide which intends to answer general, fundamental questions concerning best practices for compliance with new FATF regulations. You can also read about the Travel Rule on the landing page and watch our Travel Rule Deep-Dive Video.

  2. If you are not sure what Travel Rule requirements apply to you, please see our overview of all the jurisdictions where it has been implemented so far and what is needed to comply.

Step 2 - Set up your Notabene test account:

  1. We recommend that every team member that is part of the integration process is added to the dashboard as a user. That way they can get more familiar with how sending and receiving travel rule messages work and also see what actions with the APIs looks like within.

  2. If possible, you should also add API keys for integrations (blockchain analytics / sanctions screening) and create one or more rules to automatically accept/reject incoming and outgoing travel rule messages.

  3. You can follow the steps on how to create and configure your test account here.

Step 3 - Get familiar with incoming and outgoing travel rule transactions and our dashboard:

  1. Create and send one or more travel rule data transfers to any of the Notabene VASPs.

  2. Review and respond to one or more travel rule data transfer that has been sent to you.

  3. You can follow the steps here for #1 and #2.

Step 4 - Provide information about VASP counterparties and supported virtual assets:

  1. Send us a list of the VASPs you are currently engaging with so that we can check them against our directory. If there are any that we currently cannot reach, we will try to do so before you go live.

  2. Send us a list of the virtual assets that you offer to your clients to withdraw. We will make sure that they are added and that we know the number of decimal points they need.

Step 5 - Start implementing travel rule transactions into your flow by following the "WHAT’S NEXT" at the end of each page:

What’s Next

Let's get a quick overview of all the guides and their content: